Kazoo Books

407 North Clarendon Street
Kalamazoo 49006
Phone: (269) 385-2665

Hands-down this is our favorite. Owner Gloria Tiller opened her first Kazoo Books location in 1988 which she described as “a simple little paperback used bookstore.” The original store was expanded in 1999 and the Parkview location added four years later to keep up with growing demand for new and used books. Kazoo Books is now an Amazon.com affiliate and Tiller orders directly from publishers and distributors. Tiller still sells used books — but only those in excellent condition; patrons are welcome to bring in second-hand titles to be considered for trade. Additionally, Tiller deals in highly collectible books and is trained to appraise valuable literary works. She is among a staff of seven, including husband James, that work together to hold a multitude of special events with a particular focus on local authors and the cultivation of literacy. A knowledgeable staff, large inventory and personal service are all components that contribute to the longevity of Kazoo Books.

407 N. Clarendon St. (just 1 mile from Stuart Avenue Inn) and 2413 Parkview Ave. Don’t be misled – both buildings look deceptively small from the outside, but provide plenty of book shelves, wandering room, and reading nooks inside.

Hours: 10 – 6 Monday through Saturday.

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