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Chris_and_DanaThe eagle has landed was the e-mail my partner in crime sent the afternoon of July 13th, 2009 to announce to friends and family our purchase of the Stuart Avenue Inn.

Signing all those official papers signaled a return to the mitten of my youth, and the realization of a long-nursed dream marrying a love of all things breakfast, a desire to meet interesting people, and an appreciation of old architecture, cornice board, pediments, chair rail, 12+ foot ceilings, and pocket doors. For my partner, jack-of-all trades, lover of power tools, and former marine -  just another challenging assignment.

Moving 450 miles from St. Louis, Missouri (heat index of 110 degrees when we loaded the van), to Kalamazoo Michigan (an astonishing 70 degrees when we unpacked) was the easy part. Leaving long-time friends and dear family members was more difficult. Moving to a vibrant, eclectic and friendly city made that move easier.

We've already enjoyed several tasty meals (Pasta/Pasta; Food/Dance, Cosmo's Cuccina, and of course PlumCrazy). Weâve already met a host of people including relatives and friends of the former owners of the Inn, including one gentleman who recounted his misspent youth helping to run the Inn when it consisted of several properties in the Stuart Avenue area. We are enjoying Kalamazoo and keep meeting interesting people both in and outside of the Inn.

Dana and Chris (and Belvedere)

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